Reaction Vessels

Our Reaction vessels are used for a multitude of laboratory applications and are designed manufactured by our skilled glassblowers in accordance to your requirements. Our Glass reactors are available either with our without thermostatic jackets and are available in small or large capacities.

On most occasions with our glass reaction vessels a ground flange is used in along with a lid and stainless steel clamp providing an air tight seal with the reactor. The ground glass flanges used can vary dependant on your application although generally flanges with an  Internal diameter ranging from 60 mm – 200 mm are used.

Multi ports lids are used to introduce components for analysis within the vessels whilst still keeping an airtight seal. Taps and valves can be added for the draining and introduction of various samples.

Our in house engineering and machining department can custom build apparatus from many materials including stainless steel and PTFE. Framework and rigging can be built to contain your reaction vessel ensuring support for your vessel and ultimately keeping the end user safe without usage restrictions.

Due to our decades of experience in the manufacture of Reaction vessels and glass reaction systems we can plan and build a bespoke system uniquely for you based on your requirements.


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