Petroleum Testing Products

As well as suppliers of standard laboratory glassware & products for the Petroleum and Chemical Industries AM Glassware have also developed a number of unique products which have become increasingly popular in these fields. From our smaller items like graduated Demulsifier Tubes to large projects like Gas Oil Receiver cabinets for gas/oil flash testing.

100ml Demulsifier Tube

This 100ml Demulsifier tube is constructed from Borosilicate Glass & ... read more

Boiling Flask With Thermowell

Round Bottom Flask With Removable Thermowell

Our round bottom flasks with removable Thermowell are becoming very ... read more

disitillation kettle

Boiling Flask With Integral Thermowell

Boiling flasks available in a huge variety of capacities and ... read more

Large Separating Funnels With Stand

We have been asked by several Petroleum lab technicians if we could ... read more

Gas Oil Receivers

We make various types of gas oil receivers for the ... read more

High Temperature Tubes

This High temperature tube is constructed from heavy wall Borosilicate ... read more

100ml Centrifuge Tube ASTM (6inch)

This 100ml Centrifuge tube (ASTM D 96 standards) is constructed ... read more

100ml Centrifuge Tube ASTM (8inch)

This 100ml Centrifuge tube (ASTM D96 or IP 75) is ... read more

Debutanisation Flask

Speciality flask used within petroleum laboratories.