Karl Fischer Electrodes

Are you looking for a lower cost alternative for your Karl Fischer electrodes? Look no further we have this covered we have been manufacturing Karl Fischer electrodes for over 20 years and are the chosen electrode manufacturer of some of the best known brands of KF Titrators on the market.

With such a broad range of instruments out there its hard to know which electrode you require but we are here to help. All you need to tell us is the brand and model of the Karl Fischer Titrator  which can usually be found on the front of the instrument and we can determine the electrode you require.

Types of Karl Fischer Electrodes

Basically there are two types of Karl Fischer electrode for Coulometric Karl Fischer Analysis, a generating electrode and a detection Electrode. Each instrument manufacturer over the years have developed many different variants of these electrodes and given them there own unique names but essentially they all serve the same purpose.

Some names you may see the market leading brands use for Karl Fischer electrodes are listed below so if you require any of these the chances are we manufacture a version which will be suitable for your instrument.

Common manufacturer names for generating electrodes below:

Generator Electrode, Generator Cell, Cathode Solution Cell, Inner Burette.

Common manufacturer names for detection electrodes below:

Detector Electrodes, Double Pt Wire Electrodes, Indicator Electrode & Dual Platinum Pin Electrodes.

(Please be aware that AM Glassware Ltd are contractually obligated to manufacture Karl Fischer electrodes for certain instrument manufacturer’s and may not be able to supply some specific electrodes)

Generator Electrodes

Generator electrodes can often be very expensive to replace if faulty as they can sometimes cost upwards of £1500 each! We can offer a replacement at a fraction of the cost without any compromise of results. In fact we have even been told by our clients that our Karl Fischer Electrodes performance and construction is far superior to the original!

Generator electrodes with or without diaphragm

Well this really depends on what test you are carrying out? A Generator electrode with diaphragm (sometimes know as frit) is required when using two different anode & cathode reagents. Often these are used for the Petroleum industry as methods state this Karl Fischer electrode should be used. In recent years though diaphragm free (fritless) generator electrodes have been developed for single reagent use and are used for Karl Fischer titration now in many sectors. Whichever type of generator electrode you require diaphragm or diaphragm free we manufacture both here at AM Glassware Ltd.

Detector Electrodes, Double Pt Wire Electrodes, Indicator Electrodes & Dual Platinum  Pin Electrodes.

So what’s the difference? Well to be honest they all do the same thing they just have been named something slightly different by the manufacturer.

A range of Karl Fischer titration detection electrodes specifically designed for use with existing manufacturer’s instruments are manufactured by AM Glassware Ltd. As with our generator electrodes please just quote your make and model of instrument.

A full range of Karl Fischer Electrodes as well as complimentary Karl Fischer glassware and consumables is available within our Coulometric Karl Fischer Glassware Section. Alternatively please contact us and we will be happy to assist you further.