Coulometric Karl Fischer Glassware

Coulometric Karl Fischer electrodes and glassware compatible for the majority of all leading Karl Fischer titrators and Moisture analyzers. With years of experience manufacturing Generator electrodes, Detector electrodes along with Titration vessels compatible with virtually all leading Karl Fischer titrators.

Alongside our KF electrodes and Titration vessels we also manufacture Drying tubes and various other components and glassware used in conjunction with Coulometric Karl Fischer titration.

With our experience in this unique field spanning over 30 years our glassblowers are the perfect choice to advise on replacement electrodes and accessories to keep your instrument in top condition for accurate results time and time again!

Remember AM Glassware Ltd are the chosen manufacturer of KF electrodes and accessories for many of the Karl Fischer Titration Instrument manufacturers out on the market so why not contact us direct to save money without compromising on results!


Composite Coulometric Karl Fischer Set

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KF Coulometer Set

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Composite Cathode Solution Cell/Inner Burette

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KF Electrode

Generator Electrode

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Cathode Solution Cell

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Inner Burette

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KF electrode

Detector Electrode

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Titration Vessel With PTFE Removable Lid

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KF Electrode

Double Pt-wire electrode

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Injection Septa

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