Demulsifier Tube Racks

Racks For Demulsifier Tubes

We now manufacture a range of bespoke Demulsifier tube racks!

Our new shaker racks come in both 6 & 8 place versions and are constructed from polypropylene for a lightweight yet rugged Demulsifier rack for shacking.

The hinged lid system allows for speedy access for adding and removing tubes. Once closed the tubes are firmly locked in place for shaking!


As well as our unique shaking racks we also manufacture bespoke metal racks. These can be used for either bench reading or submersion within water baths. Manufactured from Aluminium & Stainless Steel these racks are perfect for use within your water bath and even better we will manufacture these to specifically fit the water bath of your choice! (please provide exact rack dimensions).


For further information on our 100 ml Demulsifier tubes please click here.